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Latest Dental Technologies

Drs. Carpenter and Gbemi pride themselves upon being the most technologically advanced practice in the area. They employ computer imaging and laser technology where possible to bring the absolute best dentistry has to offer to residents of Knox County Ohio.

E4D Technology

Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Gbemi employ a state-of-the-art computer system to make metal-free crowns for patients in one day. This system employs digital scan technology to create a computer image of a tooth. They are then able to design a crown for the tooth, create it from porcelain and deliver it to the patient all in one visit. This eliminates the need to wear a temporary crown for weeks and return for a second visit. The doctors state these crowns are the best they have ever seen for aesthetics, fit, and marginal integrity, which are the deciding factors in the serviceable life of a crown.

Pro-Max X-Ray Technology

Carpenter Dental Group has recently added The ProMax X-ray Machine to our office, which brings new possibilities for treatment planning and maximizes the safety of our imaging procedures. This unit complies with the best practices in dentistry by following the American Dental Association’s ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) radiation principle to minimize the effective radiation does to our patients.

The unique features of this unit allow us to choose what area of the teeth and facial anatomy we need to capture, which significantly reduces any unnecessary exposure. Our staff can also adjust the unit’s settings, allowing us to capture only the details we need. We will be using this unit with state-of the -art software applications for the best possible care using the latest technology.


Digital Radiography

Every operatory is set up to take digital radiographs. This has many advantages, including:

  • Less radiation – each radiograph exposes the patient to 1/3 the radiation of traditional radiographs.
  • Radiographs are viewed on a large screen instead of actual image size. This allows both doctors and patients to view them easily.
  • Chemicals to process radiographs are not used, helping the environment.
  • Radiographs may easily be sent through the Internet to specialists when referrals are necessary.

Electronic Record Keeping

All records and charts are kept and stored electronically. Every operatory has a computer in it for use in patient charting. By storing information electronically, patient information will always be available. This includes the doctors being able to access the information from home for after-hour emergencies.

Patient Monitors In Every Operatory

Each operatory has a monitor for patient use to view radiographs or movies during an appointment. The monitors allow you to see what the doctor is seeing on your radiographs on a large scale.

Laser Technology

The doctors use a soft-tissue laser for many procedures involving the gums. This allows many procedures on the soft tissue and gums to be performed without anesthesia and with minimal post-operative discomfort.

Air Abrasion Technology

This equipment projects a small stream of purified sand at a specific target on a tooth, allowing small areas of decay to be removed without the use of a drill. This can be done without the use of anesthesia, so that small areas of decay can be removed and a restoration placed without the use of a drill or an injection.

On-line Bill Pay

This allows you to make payments to your account directly from home, without needing to visit the office or use a stamp.

Text Confirmation

If you choose, we will happily confirm the date and time of your appointment by texting a confirmation to your mobile device.

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